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RB4243 tortoise

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How does an iconic design stay forever young? By letting the youngsters have their own contemporary take on its classic look. Introducing Ray-Ban’s hottest youth style, the RB 4243. The newest youngster on the block is inspired by an iconic rounded phantos shape, using nylon fiber fronts, metal temples and details, and shimmering rubberized effects to reinvent an authentic Ray-Ban style. Classic colors make for easy to match, versatile looks, while new tones offer a trendy gradient finish. With high-quality light gradient lenses that provide optimal protection, the Ray-Ban RB 4243 remains functional, comfortable and always youthfully stylish.
  • Materiale montatura nylon
  • Forma montaturaround
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Materiale lentiCR-39
49 mm
20 mm
145 mm

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