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Octagonal Classic RB3556N polished gold

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UPC 8053672672725

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New shapes and trendsetting shades evolve the legendary profile of a retro classic with unique personality: Round goes Octagonal!Simultaneously underground, deluxe and revolutionary, this unconventional new octagonal shape reinvents the fine golden metal profiles of Ray-Ban classics with new premium quality flat crystal lenses in cool flash colors to reflect the daring spirit of contemporary icons with a fresh perspective on sophistication. Styled in resilient metal with extra-slim tubular temples, this lightweight, versatile golden frame is also available with unmistakable G15 and B15 options for a more classic take on edgy urban design.
  • Materiale montatura metallo
  • Forma montaturairregular
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Materiale lenticristallo
53 mm
21 mm
145 mm

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