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Tristan Stone RX

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A pantoscopic shape with intensive volume cut out. The power of these highly original spectacles lie in their capacity for catalyzing creativity from among the chaos, a method dada poet Tristan Tzara whole-heartedly employed, knowing full well that beyond the veneer of the vulgar lies an otherwise charming sketch of the infinitely authentic authors we all are. Material: 12mm block, dark and light smoke acetate frame, custom floating hinge system. Hardware: sterling silver. Lens: demo lens CR39. pantoscopic shape with intensive volume cut out. sterling silver signature arrowhead front pin. silver custom hairline engraved wire core design. silver custom floating hinge with spur-shaped rivets. silver domed 3d metal cameo logo. 4 base CR39 lens with backside anti-reflective treatment. Limited production batch of 300 pieces. Handcrafted in Japan.
  • Materiale montatura acetato
  • Forma montaturaoval
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Stile montaturaretrò
45 mm
24 mm
138 mm

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