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Vida DRX3030 A smoke crystal black 18K gold

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Informazioni prodotto

Vida was inspired by a childhood memory of riding in through Arizona’s majestic Painted Desert and being passed by a classic Cadillac full of beautiful girls who were smiling, laughing and loving life! VIDA updates retro design cues in a unique and playful way with a cool acetate front and beautiful titanium temples that are certain to make you smile. Acetate front frame. Titanium decorative temple and end piece. 100% UVA and UVB lens with anti-reflective coating. Made in Japan.
  • Materiale montatura acetato
  • Colore montatura smoke crystal black 18K gold
  • Forma montaturacat eye
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Stile montaturaretrò
  • Materiale lentiplastic demo lenses
  • Colore lenti demo lens
50 mm
16 mm
141 mm

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