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Conique DTS 514 02 Tokyo tortoise

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Sculpted in all acetate frame, nominally informed by the brash visual style of the post-punk movement, Conique features a juxtaposition of familiar elements that feel foreign when taken as a whole. Is aggressively sculpted around both lenses, adding a squared weight over semi-round 2-base lenses. These geometries converge to achieve a bold, “Aggro-Pop” sensibility, an almost a childlike manifestation of the punk ethos. With Dita’s unique hex screw hinges and 100% UVA and UVB lenses with anti-reflective coating. Made in Japan.
  • Colore montatura Tokyo tortoise
  • Forma montaturacat eye
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Stile montaturamoderno
  • Materiale lentipolycarbonate
  • Colore lenti light amber rose
53 mm
21 mm
145 mm

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