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Avec DTS 112-01 matte black and white gold

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Balancing technical mastery with artistic grace, Avec’s elegant acetate skin is cleverly sculpted to reveal a glimpse of its own intricate internal machinery. Inspired by the refinement of Renaissance statues, which were painstakingly composed to ensure structural integrity, designers forged the subtle curvature and balance of Avec’s acetate exterior in the mode of a functional sculpture. Rather than conceal the frame’s metal core, as is customary in rectangular frames, designers grooved a notch in the acetate just below the temple connection, creating a flex for added comfort and transforming Avec’s foundation into a design feature in its own right. This elegant feature invites deeper understanding of the precision-milled interior architecture that rests at the core of each Dita frame, ensuring longevity and durability. Avec is finished with a host of carefully considered details, including a hidden rim lock the frame is available both in optical and sun lenses.
  • Materiale montatura acetato
  • Colore montatura matte black and white gold
  • Forma montaturarectangle
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Stile montaturamoderno
  • Materiale lentiCR-39
  • Colore lenti amber
52 mm
20 mm
148 mm

Suggested face shape

image/svg+xml Tondo
image/svg+xml Ovale
image/svg+xml Triangolare

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